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Chameleon BI offers a personalized suite of customizable reports tailored to Bullhorn, Bullhorn Back Office, JobDiva, and QuickBooks Online users.

Imagine being able to track all your key performance indicators and metrics on one platform, giving you a 360-degree view and insight into your business and employees. Your reports can be tailored for managers, recruiters, salespeople, administrators, accountants, and just about anyone at any level in your firm.

Chameleon BI‘s goal is to ensure that action-oriented value is extracted from your data while also providing predictive analytics, operational and management reporting, and powerful visualizations. Whether you are looking for a high-level overview of your company’s data or have specific reporting requests, Chameleon BI does it all.

Chameleon BI turns your raw data into meaningful insights with visual data analytics to help Staffing Firms make better and more informed business decisions because every decision you make should be empowered by your data. Contact for an exclusive demo or custom-made reports!

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