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The world’s most accurate resume parsing, searching, and matching technology for human capital management.

Anyone who has ever done any hiring knows there’s a big difference between filling openings and finding talent. The LENS™  suite from BurningGlass provides the most accurate parsing, searching, and matching technology anywhere for HR staff and recruiters. The distinctive skills-based approach uses Big Data analysis to sort applicants and find the best match.

LENS Search & Match
Identify the most qualified candidates using advanced proprietary processes built on an in-depth understanding of skills in demand. With this fast, accurate analysis, HCM managers and recruiters can:

  • Decrease time to fill
  • Find applicants faster, more cheaply, and more reliably
  • Increase potential talent pools, while boosting placement rates
  • Improve candidate experience and engagement
  • Save costs with a more streamlined recruiting process

LENS Optic
Find resumes faster, more accurately, and with more domain knowledge by enhancing any search engine with LENS Optic. The Optic engine delivers accurate, context sensitive metadata coding of important resume information that standardizes terms LENS Optic works with any search engine, and with it, recruiters can:

  • Become a subject matter expert for any job
  • Immediately find the correct candidate profiles
  • Sort talent by experience and occupation
  • Search similar resumes with related competencies

Patented artificial-intelligence-tagging technology, designed exclusively for reading and extracting information from resumes, and its proprietary Natural Language Processing features make it the most accurate and reliable resume and CV parser available. LENS XRay extracts and segments hundreds of relevant candidate data points, allowing hiring managers to:

Quickly compare candidate strengths with side-by-side review
Blend insights seamlessly into existing workflows with low-cost integration options
Analyze resumes in 15 foreign languages used in over 30 countries, with enough detail to accurately understand country-specific wording such as American English, United Kingdom English, and Australian English
Search similar resumes with related competencies.

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