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EC2 Server Status 100%
Amazon Connect 100%
Elastic Compute Cloud 100%
Elastic File System 100%
Elastic Load Balancing (N. Virginia) 100%
Amazon Relational Database Service (N. Virginia) 100%
Simple Email Service (N. Virginia) 100%
AWS Backup (N. Virginia) 100%
SSL Certificate Manager 100%
AWS Firewall Manager 100%
AWS Systems Manager (N. Virginia) 100%

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System Updates & Maintenence

June 18th,  2019

  • Dashboard elements don’t always have clear focus states, tab order
  • RTL Bug – wrong navigation arrows in media modal
  • Extra border is displaying at bottom of Help section in Firefox (Responsive : 778 * 841)
  • Site Health: improve the header elements horizontal centering
  • Site Health: Make site health page access be filterable
  • Site Health: Table design issue in small devices (iphone 5/SE).
  • Theme update links show in Customizer and don’t work
  • Recovery Mode Exit button not visible in responsive view
  • Merge similar strings introduced in WP 5.2
  • I18n: Merge similar translation strings – site health tabs
  • I18n: Merge similar strings and fix typo
  • Editor: Update packages for WordPress 5.2.2
  • Fix the mediaelements player controls bar sizing

May 21st, 2019

  • An issue typing in the block editor while using a RTL language has been fixed.
  • An bug causing 32-bit systems to run out of memory when using sodium_compatwas fixed.
  • The “Update your plugins” link in Site Health now links to the correct page in multisite installs.
  • An issue in wp_delete_file_from_directory() where files were not deleting on Windows systems has been fixed.
    A bug was fixed where spaces could not be added in the Classic Editor after pressing shift+enter.
  • 2 fatal errors on the error protection page when a PHP error was encountered in a drop-in (such as advanced-cache.php) were fixed.
  • wp_targeted_link_rel() has been improved to prevent instances where single and double quotation marks were incorrectly staggered.
  • PHP/MySQL minimum version requirement checks now return proper error codes when requirements are not met in test environments.
  • The backwards compatibility of get_search_form() was improved.
  • The accuracy of the HTTP requests test in Site Health was improved.
  • TinyMCE has been updated to version 4.9.4.
    Prevents a fatal error that occurs when upgrading to 5.2.1 from WordPress < 5.2.
    Fixes a regression that can affect the accuracy of <lastBuildDate> in feeds.
    Changes the string used on the About page for 5.2.1 to one that is already translated.

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