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Alliance Workforce

Launch Date: November 2021

Technology: ABD Ultrastaff

Products: Future Build

Project Overview

Alliance had a problem in that it was beyond out of date and non-functional; elements with a website that are highly required when it comes to their main goal of finding more candidates, making it easy to apply and refer, while represnting their core values and servies offered to potential clients with a professional online presence. Alliance's recruiters are dedicated to finding the best fit through interviews, coaching, and career development and the business is focused on listening, delivering the right people, to the right place, at the right time. Never overpromising and always overdelivering. With their system, ABD Ultrastaff, requiring a custom integration, our technical development team parntered with Ultrastaff to ensure the new integration was speedily built, maintained, and avaialable for other ABD client's to use.