Innovien Solutions Staffing Website Design 

When Innovien Solutions approached Staffing Future to take on their new staffing website design we were excited. Their old website didn’t cut it at all and Innovien Solutions wanted to new staffing website to “walk the walk” a lot more than just “talk the talk”. This meant a complete redesign, a rebrand, and a fresh technology approach. Redefining how their business was portrayed online as well as redesigning the user journey and lead generation flow, Staffing Future re-engineered the technology stack to facilitate and accelerate their recruitment process.

The sense of urgency was around creating a site that would be beautiful, yet functional, perform better and outperform their nearest competition with high-quality candidate generation as well as best in class client lead generation capabilities.

Innovien Solutions eat zeros and ones for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the pursuit of innovation, technology is their toolkit. Innovien Solutions deploys technology solutions that innovate and insulate businesses from the competition. Whether it’s surviving or thriving, Innovien Solutions elevates their clients through a killer-combo of bold strategy, steadfast execution, and top-flight talent. 

Innovien Solutions Solutions is committed to identifying the insights and ideas that will shape the future of business. Existing to take businesses to new heights, pressing forward with courage in the face of the unknown. Their passion lies in forging strong partnership relationships to succeed on behalf of our clients, each and every time

With such high aspiration, it was crucial Innovien Solutions had a website design that attracted and converted not only clients and candidates but potential consultants for their business as well. Innovien Solutions also wanted to shout about what a great company they are to work for and where their growth ambitions are taking their team.

What we did for Innovien Solutions

Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future comments “The new website design was completely built in house by our formidable design team headed by Rob Springer, then cut and integrated with the latest technology to create a lead generation and quality candidate generation machine. We split traffic into candidates and clients and ensured we harnessed technology to drive enquiries and fresh leads to the Innovien Solutions teams.”

Rob Springer, Head of Design at Staffing Future comments “Each of the Innovien Solutions site elements were designed with a specific color palette, job and menu structure. As well as having the technology to create job landing pages, targeting specific search engine terms for high-quality traffic with pages off the main navigation, ensured the site remained clean with tailor specific content, menu items and jobs for users. Innovien Solutions is in the business of catapulting technology leaders and IT professionals to their next level of performance while making them look great in the process.

“One of the main reasons we were so delighted to win their website design business.” Copeland comments “is because Innovien Solutions offers technology consulting, managed services, project implementation and staff augmentation for mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies. The level of competition is intense and we’re confident their new website will deliver a strong ROI and significant business outputs.” 

Innovien Solutions Delighted

Camryn Skladany, CEO of Innovien Solutions “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Staffing Future throughout our website design project. The team at Staffing Future are helpful and responsive. They are the leading staffing website design and staffing technology consultants which is why we chose them. They helped us solve some complex business issues by harnessing technology. We are delighted with our new website and having all our tracking set up for us by the Staffing Future teams. Using data driven decision making, we look forward to iterating our website forward to drive ROI working closely with Staffing Future.