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HERO Recruitment were looking to update their recruitment website design as their previous award winning site was getting stale after 7 years and was no longer “fit for purpose”. HERO wanted to integrate their new website design with their existing ATS before updating their ATS/CRM to drive productivity, performance and ROI.

HERO Recruitment were searching for a SaaS recruitment website design and build partner to drive business growth, build on their strong brand and maintain their competitive advantage in STEM recruitment. HERO Recruitment were looking to update their website design and integrate with their existing ATS before updating their ATS/CRM to drive productivity, performance and ROI. Not wanting to be constrained by their old website platform, and API headaches, HERO needed a new website focused on client lead generation, conversion and high quality candidate flow.

Website Design Service

HERO expressed a desire for “higher touch” account management, greater confidence in technology deployed and flexibility and to know they can stay ahead of their competition. HERO need to walk the walk… and use best in class technology to service their STEM clients and candidates better. HERO were looking for a consultative approach with stronger implementation to iterate their business forward.

John Russell, UK Managing Director of Staffing Future comments “When Hero Recruitment first approached us about a new recruitment website and technology partner, they needed a team to combine a strong website design with technology that would deliver more than their current platform. Previously with the largest specialist SaaS recruitment website provider in the UK, HERO needed to increase their digital footprint, improve their user experience and increase ROI from their website. The challenges of attracting the highest quality candidates whilst generating significant client lead generation were top of mind. The leadership team needed the business to engage with prospects and clients in a more meaningful way and use technology better.”

Roisin McManara, Co Founder of HERO Recruitment comments “I wasn’t satisfied with our site performance from our previous SaaS website provider, who are the largest in the UK. Offering websites on an inhouse platform they maintain themselves, their platform doesn’t have the flexibility or technology we need to drive our business forward. Staffing Future’s secure and scalable hosting, unlimited design and unlimited pages came with a consultative, constructive and collaborative approach.” McCarthy continues “As well as investing in our new website design and staffing technology, we are updating our ATS/CRM to drive productivity, efficiency and ROI. We expect high service levels and demand value. Staffing Future include all project management and implementation of 3rd party technology in their monthly fees. This means when we migrate to our new ATS, there’s no additional costs and we can focus on our business process, knowing Bruce and the team have everything in hand.” McManara adds “Their strong security and technology combined with knowing our website health is in the top 10% of websites worldwide gives us confidence to service our clients better. We can also see users are having a better brand experience to maintain our competitive advantage across Ireland.”

John Russell, UK Managing Director of Staffing Future adds “HERO’s automatic platform updates, instant site notifications and deep integration with their ATS allows the team to perform. Our responsive and adaptive website design is optimized for any device, We anticipate Hero Recruitment will achieve significant gains compared to their previous provider. In their first month, since migrating from their old platform, the site has seen the following improvements*:

Goal completion rate increase 240%
Site conversion rate increase 127%
Job application rate increase 13%
Mobile Conversion rate increase 95%
Session duration increase 21%
Sessions per user increase 84%
Time on site increase 13%
Bounce rate down 5%

Bruce Stander, CTO of Staffing Future comments “When considering a new staffing website design and technology build, to drive performance and ROI you need to iterate your website and business process forward. If your site code is old or depreciated, your hosting or technology out of date, it will create problems, be expensive to ignore and create inefficiencies. Data accuracy, real time data processing and automation ensures the team at HERO Recruitment compete effectively.”

McManara continues, “I was looking for a new SaaS website design to keep HERO at the cutting edge of technology as that’s the sector we recruit in. Before we signed with Staffing Future, it was clear they knew what they were talking about and could add value to our business. Responsive and knowledgeable, the Staffing Future team went the extra mile to get our new site live within tight deadlines and guided us through the website design process. I’m impressed with the output and our results and recommend Staffing Future to anyone looking to deploy technology, iterate your recruitment process and drive your business forward.”

Russell continues “Best of all, we haven’t rolled out HERO job pages yet or their client lead generation pages. After these are deployed, we anticipate a further increase in site performance.” McManara observed “We’ve seen an increase in website performance since going live, better conversion rates, more applications and website generated lead generation. We invest a considerable amount in our brand and demand a lot from our partners. Our new website design showcases our expertise, team and we really like the intelligent and dynamic real time job search. We’ve had positive feedback and the stats reinforce our site performance has improved already. Choosing Staffing Future as our website and technology partner is one of the best decisions we’ve made in these tough times.”

Conversion Focused Website Design

• Enhanced online presence and visibility for consultants and better brand engagement
• Flexibility and technology to drive Hero Recruitment’s business growth
• High quality candidate acquisition and client lead generation
• Full analytics and reporting on traffic levels, traffic sources and conversion pathways
• Seamless integration with our ATS/CRM
• Using automation to drive productivity and ROI from our technology stack

Recruitment Technology

McManara draws a line by stating, “Our goals were to increase client lead generation, improve quality of applications, reduce friction in our candidate onboarding process as well as improve our business process and drive productivity. Staffing Future embedded LinkedIn Apply, helped us push jobs up to job aggregators we were previously not visible on and have increased conversion rates.”

Jack Copeland.CEO of Staffing Future adds “Staffing Future are delighted to be helping Hero Recruitment drive fresh new client leads, better visibility online and stronger conversion.”

SEO Strategy And Implementation

John Russell UK Managing Director of Staffing Future comments “We believe the blogs for SEO and their SEO landing page strategy implemented at scale across the HERO Recruitment site is the most robust and effective recruitment website SEO implementation in Ireland. Time on site is up, pages per visit increasing and key metrics, including conversion goals are positive. As well as deep diving into their website analytics, we’ll be reviewing traffic sources to ensure we know which channels are the most effective to help HERO Recruitment drive growth across their offices.”

​Reflecting on McNamara’s experience of working in partnership with Staffing Future, she adds:

“Staffing Future recommended we remove around 30,000 website pages we had live on our old website as they had zero traffic and were not contributing to our website performance or our business. They took on all the implementation and technology project management which saved a heap of time and removed a lot of hassle and complexity. Their straight talking, “no nonsense” approach is welcome including taking responsibility and ownership of issues. This gives us confidence in their services, particularly as they went above and beyond during our go live which is why I’m so pleased we partnered Staffing Future.”

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*6 weeks after going live vs previous 6 week period.

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