Loyal Source Website Design

Website Design Brief

Loyal Source is an Orlando-based workforce solutions provider dedicated to delivering elite services worldwide. With a focus in government healthcare, technical and support services, engineering, and travel healthcare, Loyal Source provides exceptional custom solutions to both private enterprise and government agencies. Having identified a pressing business need for a large scale, bespoke staffing website design, Loyal Source are on track to be the preeminent provider of elite contracting staffing services worldwide.

Loyal Source has a mission to consistently perform the highest level of quality staffing, to provide exceptional client/candidate solutions with the utmost integrity, and to establish fruitful, long-term partnerships; partnerships between their skilled team of motivated professional recruiters, their invaluable candidates and respected clients.

Loyal Source has over 300 internal staff spread across a multitude of divisions and sectors. After a period of huge growth Loyal Source felt their website didn’t clearly reflect who they were or the size of the organisation and did not provide a platform for each division to properly communicate their services and messaging for clients and candidates.

In addition to tackling this message challenge and modernizing the design, the Loyal Source team wanted to fully integrate the site into their comprehensive stack of different technologies.

Loyal Source chose Staffing Future to help them achieve this mission by remaining true to their proven recruitment processes, communicating openly with us, and the new website enabling them to operate as they wish to, offering unrivaled support in their markets and operating in their candidates’ and clients’ best interests.

From serving US troops while stationed with numerous Operating Bases and Medical Treatment Facilities nationwide, to training foreign ally soldiers on operations and maintenance of new equipment abroad, Loyal Source can confidently say no other company maintains a Team that is more experienced and in-tuned to the policies, procedures, and the degree of dedication associated with Government Clients; and no other company is more committed to Staffing our valued Government Agencies of America with equally as experienced, qualified, and loyal professionals than they are.

In 2019, the leadership team decided to update their staffing website design to help achieve their goal of becoming the de facto recruitment partner to their clients and contractors. Loyal Source laid down a challenge to Staffing Future to help reinvigorate their brand, promote their true personality and create a robust digital platform for growth. After deploying their new website, Loyal Source are on the path to achieving their goals.

Website Design Challenges

Evolve the brand and bring a new positioning and identity to their target markets
Increase candidate conversions with a streamlined user experience and application process
Improve the volume and quality of conversions from the website including applications and new business lead generation
Increase visibility in search engines and in key business sectors

Staffing Website Design
Since partnering with Loyal Source, the team at Staffing Future has designed and built a bespoke website, creating 5 sub domains in addition to the core staffing website. Ensuring relevant content, jobs and client facing content helps attract, engage and convert more relevant and targeted traffic reflecting Loyal Source business divisions.  This relentless focus on driving ROI, productivity and visibility helps improve application quality and volumes.

The first iteration of their new SaaS staffing website has been a real revolution, establishing a marketing driven and brand centric approach, creating brand value and increasing lead generation to secure the ongoing success of the business. This new identity was cleaner and more flexible and featured further development of the Loyal Source business divisional digital footprint whilst improving the relevancy and content for each audience. With content and jobs resonating better with their audiences, all on site metrics have improved which is proving to be critical for this exceptional staffing business.

Objectives Achieved
In the first months of the website going live, the evolution of the brand has been well received and the website itself has delivered an uplift in CV’s. The improved user experience and targeted talent/traffic attraction strategy including SEO, content marketing and improved visibility of jobs has refined and improved the quality of applications. Using analytics we have embedded on all domains,  the following results have been achieved so far:

– Website application / conversion rate has increased by 20%
– Better visibility in search engines Year on Year with a 12% traffic increase and 11% increase in pages per visit

“It has been a real pleasure for the Staffing Future design and development team to work with the team at Loyal Source. Loyal Source have done a superb job in developing a strong brand with an excellent reputation and strong delivery for clients. With the exceptional team at Loyal Source, we believe their new website design will help them achieve their ambitious staffing and business goals.” comments Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future.

To solve the messaging problem Staffing Future broke each division into a subdomain allowing it to have it’s own home pages for travel nursing staffing, government staffing, healthcare staffing, Counseling staffing and technical staffing, all with their own search engine optimized and user experience focus.

As all jobs, blogs, landing pages and paid traffic land directly into the divisional homepage users stay within the environment relevant to them, helping drive site performance, time on site, pages per visit, reduce bounce rate and increase conversion.

Each division’s SEO is able to chase search volume and traffic relevant to it and convert the traffic with the right message and call to actions. Staffing Future content marketing has helped promote additional traffic and information to ‘Answer the questions’ candidates ask google.

This has yielded much better candidate and client engagement as well as an increase in traffic volumes, traffic quality and conversion.

Reviews powered by Great Recruiters have been integrated into ‘Meet the Team’ profiles on each division to represent the scale of the organisation whilst also showing the human elements of the various recruiters.

Additional integrations with Indeed, Bullhorn, Herefish and Social have allowed the site to become the hub of an advanced stack of workflow automation and communication technologies. At the center of this is Phewl Staffing future’s quick apply and re-engagement tool. Phewl captures early stage application data and re-engages candidate traffic that does not have a resume to hand or is unable to answer additional application questions. The end result is a massive increase in candidate conversion especially within Healthcare and Travel Nursing.

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