Modern, Functional Website Design

When Kofi Group first approached Staffing Future for their new staffing website design, it was clear that more was needed than simply a new website. Kofi Group had grown substantially since their previous branding exercise and a bold change was needed to ensure the whole business was heading in the direction the leadership team wanted.

We examined Kofi Group’s branding first, taking the time to understand the type of design and page layouts required to represent this incredibly dynamic and forward thinking staffing organisation. A modern website design that was future proof was needed to match the high capabilities of the technology powering Kofi Group as well as the high expectations of their user base.

Kofi Group had great input in regards to all aspects of their business and it was clear that the whole site needed a completely custom staffing website design to accompany this. Instead of having pages that all looked the same, each page was approached individually. This way it allowed us to really target specific users on specific pages, whilst ensuring that all the content was crafted onto pages with real care.

The final piece of the puzzle was to ensure Kofi Group’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was not only maintained but improved upon. Carrying out a thorough analysis of all their competitors, analyzing placements and search terms Kofi Group wanted to rank for allowed us to craft a forward thinking content marketing strategy that would help drive ROI and improve site conversion. Migrating all their pages and links from the previous site was of utmost importance to ensure no domain authority was lost. We set out a new content generation plan for the future to work closely with the Kofi Group leadership to ensure they consistently grew their site and their organic search engine ranking and performance.

Exceeding Expectations

Rob Springer, Creative Director at Staffing Future comments “Throughout Kofi Group’s new website design, we wanted to push the boundaries of a typical professional staffing website. Instead of conforming to the norm, we wanted to challenge the way that users interacted and experienced the site and converted into leads.”

Springer continues “Our first point of call was animation, we wanted to make sure that when users browsed through the site it offered unique animation. These subtle effects that have been used really help captivate the users and draw attention to areas of the pages that would have once been ignored or overlooked. We also worked closely with dynamic lead forms to make the lead conversion interactive and convert more traffic.

Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future comments “As with all of our site designs we offered Kofi Group complete flexibility with unlimited pages and unlimited design. This meant we could go back and forth with one another to ensure that the site matched the precise bold new direction Kofi Group are taking to drive more consistent and higher ROI. We rolled out “Future Leads” pages for Kofi Group – showcasing featured candidates to act as a reverse job board, generating high quality inbound new business leads for the Kofi Group team to grow their business. Coupled with Future Pages – Kofi Group’s candidate generation strategy, we can’t wait to see where the Kofi Group business goes from here. Their new website is only just the beginning. We will iterate the site forward constantly to continually drive ROI and the Kofi Group team’s productivity using technology.”

Bruce Stander, CTO at Staffing Future comments “The Kofi Group website is built on secure, scalable and iterative technology. Coupled with auto-scaled resources and content distribution networks, we can serve information quickly and efficiently for both users and search engines. Our SEO team proactively clean down any toxic links, fix broken links and maintain all the site meta data and website health in the top 10% of websites and well above the website health score of the average staffing agency website. This ensures an outstanding user experience and the website has the best possible chance of attracting the right traffic and converting Kofi Group’s target audiences with quality candidate flow and consistent client lead generation.”

A Word From Kofi Group 

George Atuahene, Founder of Kofi Group comments “We chose Staffing Future to design and build our staffing website because of the creativity we saw on previous projects, their strength in implementation and client website performance being without equal. The team didn’t fail to deliver on their promises and we are delighted with our new website. Staffing Future were able to take our brief and translate that into a creative, user friendly website. “

Atuahene continues “Throughout the website design and build process, Staffing Future was easy to work with and added subtle but important design touches to make our website unique. What I like most is that even though the website is published, the team are continuing to make changes that will keep our website healthy, brand experience strong with our website consistently relevant and fresh. We have had nothing but positive feedback which is always great to hear. Thank you Staffing Future”

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