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With Paiger, the award winning marketing tool for staffing agencies and recruiters, you can

  • Identify new customers
  • Research for the perfect outreach
  • Nurture by building a personal brand
  • Recruit candidates from social and turn your recruiters into advocates.

The Paiger platform helps you discover new opportunities ahead of your competitors and helps to build relationships with candidates and clients on social. Paiger are big believers in your recruiters being the best marketing strategy possible, so we give you the tools to unleash the power of your recruiters and tap into larger networks.

Finally, get your consultants to share company content with our simple to use system. No apps to install, no passwords to remember, Paiger sends your employees an SMS or email when you want them to share and they can action in one click.

Paiger is used by over 2000+ recruiters and marketers.

Formed in 2018, Paiger have been awarded APSCo’s Innovation Of The Year in 2019 and TIARA Talent Tech’s Marketing Solution Of The Year in 2020 – both recognising us as the solution the recruitment industry needs.


  • 1 Find new clients that are hiring and alert you to the companies that have gone through funding rounds in your sector and location.
  • 2 Research companies in seconds, see their social profiles, podcast appearances, what roles they’re hiring for and easily reveal contact information to get in touch.
  • 3 Give your team their own AI social media assistant to curate daily industry insights & schedule their social to build their personal brand and relationships with candidates & customers.
  • 4 Unleash the power of your recruiters and tap into the networks of your people by making it so easy for them to share content. Track likes, comments and clicks with the leaderboard to gamify your social advocacy. Tag your colleagues and company page in your scheduled posts. Paiger is the only marketing tool that lets you tag your recruiters and pages into your shares on LinkedIn to drive followers and views to your brand. Schedule the 1st comment alongside your post to drive further engagement.
  • 5 Attract applicants from social with zero effort required as Paiger automatically shares your jobs, whilst checking for gender bias and spelling mistakes. Spend less time designing and more time recruiting. Automatically advertise attractive and engaging jobs on LinkedIn using your provided template. Paiger will overlay the job title and include the image on social to grab your candidate’s attention.

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