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Avionte Integration with Staffing Future

Seamless integration of your jobs and application workflow using Staffing Future’s website platform and Avionte ATS.

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Integrate & Automate Workflows

Maximise your reach to market through our Avionte integration which synchronizes your jobs and pushes your candidate data back in to the ATS.

Jobs Out

Customizing data for filters and search as well as job distribution

Candidates In

Source tracking, custom data capture, candidate pipelining and notes to track performance.

What We Offer

Avionte & Staffing Future

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and struggling with inefficiencies in your staffing and recruiting processes? Look no further than Avionte ATS, the cutting-edge applicant tracking system designed to revolutionize your agency and drive exceptional results.

With Avionte ATS, you can take your recruitment game to new heights. Here’s why Avionte is the ultimate choice for your agency:

End-to-End Workflow Automation: Avionte ATS streamlines your entire recruitment process, from job posting and candidate sourcing to onboarding and beyond. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and focus on what truly matters—building relationships and making successful placements. With Avionte, you can automate repetitive tasks, eliminate paperwork, and accelerate your time-to-fill, giving you a competitive edge.

Robust Candidate Management: Finding the perfect candidate has never been easier. Avionte ATS provides powerful candidate management tools that empower you to effortlessly track, engage, and place top talent. Our intuitive interface enables you to efficiently search, screen, and match candidates, ensuring you find the best fit for every job order. From resume parsing to integrated background checks, Avionte simplifies the candidate management process.

Seamless Client Relationship Management: Delight your clients and foster long-lasting partnerships with Avionte’s comprehensive client relationship management features. Track client interactions, manage job orders, and provide exceptional service, all from a centralized platform. Avionte’s CRM capabilities enable you to exceed client expectations, strengthen relationships, and drive repeat business.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting: Make data-driven decisions that propel your agency forward. Avionte ATS offers advanced analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into your recruitment performance. Identify trends, measure KPIs, and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency and profitability. Avionte’s customizable dashboards and real-time reports give you the visibility you need to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Scalable and Customizable: Whether you’re a small boutique agency or a large enterprise, Avionte ATS scales to meet your needs. Our flexible platform can be tailored to your specific workflows and requirements, ensuring a seamless fit for your agency. With Avionte, you have the freedom to customize fields, workflows, and integrations, giving you complete control over your recruitment processes.

Exceptional Support and Training: At Avionte, we believe in your success. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing assistance whenever you need it. Avionte also offers comprehensive training resources, webinars, and a vibrant user community, so you can maximize the full potential of the platform.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Elevate your staffing and recruiting agency with Avionte ATS. Join the thousands of agencies worldwide who trust Avionte to drive efficiency, streamline processes, and achieve remarkable results.

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Our team have over 75 years of combined experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. We start by understanding your business needs and tailor our solutions to achieve your overall objectives. By configuring our staffing website platform to optimize your Avionte Integration options, we strive to improve results and ROI over time.

A: Depending on the availability of your ATS credentials and the complexity of your API calls, integrations can take 2 weeks to 3 months. This will also depend on other project factors.

A: Yes, as long as the data fields are available within your Avionte instance and can be called through the API, we can integrate job data in to your website design.

A: Yes, once again if the specific information is available from the website activity and can be stored to defined data fields in Avionte, this can all be configured.

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