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A single, intelligent platform for every talent experience, Phenom TXM is transforming the talent journey from interested candidates to thriving employees to enthusiastic brand advocates.

End-to-End Talent Experience Management
Connect every moment in the talent lifecycle with the world’s first
Talent Experience Management Platform

PHENOM Candidate Experience
Candidates are unique. Your brand should be too. Phenom’s Candidate Experience offers career sites with hyper-personalized job and content recommendations, an automated chatbot to boost engagement, and a CMS that allows you to publish fresh content at your own pace.

The Phenom Difference
Connect with top talent faster, thanks to talent insights and hyper-personalization you can’t get anywhere else.

Quality Fit Score
Find the best person for the job by viewing their candidate fit score, assigned by AI.

Similar Job Recommendation
Candidates and employees viewing a specific job description will receive recommendations for related jobs.

Dynamic Omnichannel Content
Create content once, and our platform will distribute it across all channels for a consistent experience.

Interest-Based Personalization
Deliver relevant job recommendations and content based on a candidate’s interests, job history, job views, skills, and location.

Predictive Search Queries
Connect talent to the right role faster with AI-driven search and semantic technology to accurately predict the user’s intent.

Job Referral Suggestions
Employees who refer a candidate to an open position will get additional best-fit job recommendations, driving employee referrals.

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